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Offices cleaning

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In business centers and offices, there is a daily intensive movement of employees, visitors and staff. This is why the room becomes dirty very fast.

To maintain cleanliness in the office, it is necessary to arrange regular cleaning – this will not only positively affect the appearance of the room, but also the well-being of your employees.

This is because regular cleaning helps to prevent an allergic reaction and the development of diseases associated with the respiratory system. Therefore, the working days will be smooth and productive.

Why is it better to entrust the cleaning for us?

Of course, you can hire a private cleaner. However, in this case, you will have to take care not only of her monthly salary, sick leave, vacation pay but also for the purchase of the necessary cleaning supplies.

It is much more convenient and cheaper to order the office cleaning in our company.

You will not only reduce costs but also reduce the burden on the human resources department.

Furthermore, you do not have to think about where to buy detergents.

We accept orders immediately

The order on the website will be processed in less than a couple of minutes. We will immediately give you an answer

We guarantee 100% quality

If the quality of professional cleaning does not meet your expectations, we will repair all issues

Only the best specialists in our team

All the cleaners passed strict selection and additional training. We make sure that only the best specialists remain in Clean360

The range of services

Office cleaning can be:

  • General – need to arrange every six months, or even more often
  • Daily – allows you to maintain cleanliness

It can also be dry and wet.

The range of services also includes derivatization and delousing.

Cleaning of the office, carried out by specialists from a cleaning company, is a set of works aimed to achieve the perfect cleanliness.

Main services
  • Elimination of dust from office equipment
  • Elimination of dust from furniture, windowsills
  • Windows, doors and floor cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Disinfection of the bathroom
  • Radiators cleaning
  • Cleaning of lighting elements
  • Elimination of dust from the ceiling and other surfaces