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Cleaning after the renovation

We will help put the final point in the renovation- get rid of construction dust and stains.

How and what we clean
Construction dust

We remove dust on the walls, windowsills, floor, skirting boards, and furniture throughout the apartment

Construction waste

We collect all the garbage except large and heavy

Marks of building mixtures

We wipe away marks and stains of putty, glue and grout

Glass surfaces

We clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces

Benefits of our Clean360 Team

Trained team with foreman

Having received an order and specified all necessary details, we send to you an experienced team of cleaners who are able to cope with construction pollution. Their work is monitored by the foreman. He evaluates the complexity and duration, calculates the cost of cleaning, checks the quality and answers all your questions.

Special equipment

The hardest thing is to get rid of construction dust. It is small and clogs in all the cracks. It is difficult to get rid of it with a simple vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, we use special equipment and tools to get rid of the stains of glue and building mixtures.
* We can add a steam generator to the cleaning.